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At UK Stairlifts we supply a wide range of Stairlifts. Our products vary and include Curved, Straight,  Rental and Reconditioned Stair lifts available across the UK.

We provide the best possible quality, at the best prices and our suppliers provide exceptional service and warranties on any of our products sold.

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At UKStairlifts we believe in giving you as much information as possible about your purchase of a Stairlift as we appreciate that this is a significant decision. You will find lots of reviews, buying guides to the different types and frequently asked questions across the site. If you would like us to help you make the decision about which type of stairlift would be best for you then call us or fill in the free assessment form which is on every page of this web site. Prices quoted on the site are guidelines but each stairlift is built individually to suite your stairs and the final price you will be quoted will depend upon the type of staircase you have in your home. For example, the longer the stairs the more our product may cost. Curved Stairlifts tend to cost more than Straight ones. Your assessor will measure the stairs and then quote you a price for the most suitable stairlift for your home.

Why did we set up the UK Stairlifts site? We noticed that there was lots of information about stair lifts available, some of which was misleading and confusing. As a consortium of UK stairlift professionals, we saw an opportunity to provide advice plus a wide range of stairlift products all in one place to help consumers like you to find important information quickly.

We are proud to offer you unbiased information – and impartial, independent advice about straight, curved, outdoor stair lifts and reconditioned stair lifts.

At UK Stairlifts we have been careful to establish partnerships with only the very best and most credible stairlift manufacturers in the market place. Working with a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers allows us to ensure that we can definitely provide you with the stairlift that you require. Offering stairlift ranges including Stannah, Companion and Acorn, which each offer the highest quality products and services to all of UK Stairlifts customers.

We are aware that the UK stairlift market is a very crowded one and that not everybody has the same needs or budgets. There are specialist stair lifts out there, and indeed specialist stairlift manufacturers, and we make it our business to lead you to them. We are available at all times for no-obligation – completely FREE – advice on the products available from the stairlift industry.

At UK Stairlifts, we recommend that you or your relative talk to a stairlift user. Ask them how they’ve found their new purchase, and about the drawbacks and advantages.

Look around the new stair lifts market, too. There are several good companies that all specialise in different types of stairlift. The UK Lift website is a great starting point for advice and information. You are also able to test your preferred stairlifts in advance of purchasing the product. To arrange a trial of a stairlift please call telephone number 01535 639016 to speak to a member of the team.

Whichever stairlift you choose please remember that safety is your number one priority. With our team you can be assured of sound advice and professionalism.

Good luck in your search for the perfect stairlift.

For more information on our range of competitively priced stairlifts and chairlifts from top manufacturers, please call a member of our team on 01535 639016.

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A custom made curved stairlift is the perfect solution for you if your staircase has bends, corners, right angles or 180° turns in it. Please note if your staircase is completely straight please go to our straight stairlifts section

If your stair case is narrow or steep and you are looking for a suitable stairlift, you have come to the right place – Here at UK Stairlifts, we will do our best to help you find the perfect a curved stairlift for you, no matter how complicated your stair case is.
Curved stair lifts can be designed to travel onto the landing instead of stopping at the top of the staircase, – especially practical for the user.

Curved stairlifts require a curved rail that has to be made to measure to fit the exact dimensions of your staircase. A curved stairlift will be slightly more expensive than a straight model because there is more technical work involved to customise it to your stairs.

Most curved stair lifts can be installed with optional folding rails. These mean that if you have a doorway near the top or bottom of your stairs, you can fold the rail up out of the way so people using the door won’t trip over it. This is an extra benefit of the curved stair lifts!

According to curved stair lifts particular industry prices, the actual curved stair lifts tend to be relatively higher priced as opposed to the straight rail stairlift. Straight rails are rarely customised whereas curved stairlifts will always be custom-built corresponding to the all-round measurements of the curved stair steps. Because of this apparent reason, curved stairlifts are normally higher in price compared to the straight stairlift.

When it comes to comfort and stability, paying that little bit extra is all the more worth it knowing that you or your relative whom you are acting on behalf of, will be able to travel up and down the stairs using their curved stairlift in the comfort of your own home.

Curved stairlifts are the ideal and perfect solution for those of you lucky enough to have more than two floors in their home or awkward bends and corners on your staircase.

The first step for you to make is to arrange your free assessment for your curved stairlift so that our team of professionals can assess your exact requirements and ensure the curved stairlift is bespoke to you.

For more information on our curved stairlifts, please call us on 01535 639016 and we will provide a free stair lift survey. The survey will give you an accurate price for your unique stairway and also to make sure you receive the right curved stairlift for you.

Straight Stairlift information has been created to help you find and buy the best straight stair lift – from a supplier in your area to the suitability of your particular needs.

We have wide industry knowledge and up to date information on the various straight stair lift that are currently available from both manufacturers and suppliers.

If your staircase is straight and you do not have to make any turns, then you are only going to require a straight stairlift. The good news is that straight stairlifts are far less expensive than the curved models.

The cost of straight stair lifts is based on a number of factors, but primarily, on the length of the track and whether any extras are required. The extras could be things like a hinged track to accommodate a doorway at the foot of the stairs, power swivelling seats etc.

One of the prime objectives of installing a straight stair lift is to ensure the safety of the people climbing up and down the stairway. Usually, a straight stairlift is extremely useful for people who are no longer agile and fit, perhaps due to age. Straight stairlifts are a fantastic aid to people who are no longer able to climb the stairs and can help to improve your lifestyle. Not only can a stair lift help to prevent potential stairway accidents but they are also a great relief for people who have a weak lower body.

However, although a straight stairlift may be exactly what you need, it is still very important that you consider the various alternatives, as there appears to be a bewildering amount of choice.

Our advice to narrow down your choice – the marketplace can be difficult to navigate – simply look at our suppliers’ ranges of straight stair lifts and arrange your free assessment.

Freedom, independence, convenience are all words which truly describe the result of having a straight stair lift fitted. A common question asked is: “How long will it take the engineer to install the straight stair lift”? As soon as you submit your information via our contact form or call us on 01535 639016, our expert team can arrange a free assessment for your straight stair lift with you as soon as you require it and once this happened, it can take only a couple of days for your straight stair lift to be installed.

Having a straight stair lift installed is relatively hassle free – it is not like having a builder in your home who is knocking walls down – disturbance is kept to a minimum.

Once the stairlift has been installed your engineer will give you instructions on how to use your new straight stairlift.

For more information on our range of straight stair lifts, or to book your free straight stair lift assessment please call us on 01535 639016 or fill out our Free Stairlift Assessment Form on the right hand side.

Disabled lifts in the home provide freedom for wheelchair users and senior members alike. Safety, comfort and ergonomics are the key factors that our disabled stair lifts are built around as each disabled stair lift is tailored made for every customer.

All our disabled stair lifts are made with pioneering lift technology and comply with British Standard BS 5900 as well as every lift being fitted with the Pollock Fire Response System to ensure the users safety.

UK Stairlifts offer various types of disabled stair lifts:

Disabled stair lift – The wheelchair model
Disabled stair lift -The seated model
Disabled stair lift – The side-hung model

Wheelchair disabled stair lifts make all floors in any house easily accessible to wheelchair users. The point of access can be installed in any room as long as there is enough room for the actual disabled stair lift device.

Close attention has been paid to the physical profile of the disabled stair lift meaning every design allows wheelchair users maximum space within their homes. The main benefit of the disabled stair lift for wheelchairs is that it comes in a variety of sizes accommodating for various different houses and surroundings.

A choice of hydraulic and traction drive systems are available allowing weights of up to 36 stone to be carried in the disabled stair lift. If you have a house with more than one floor, the traction drive option will allow extended heights of up to 3.6 metres.

Disabled Stair Lift – The seated model:

The seated disabled stair lift is an ideal alternative for users who do not necessarily require a wheelchair but find it more comfortable to sit down while traveling in the disabled stair lift. The seated disabled stair lift requires less power to run therefore making the seated model the lift with the smallest carbon footprint.

The hydraulic or traction drive system may be used allowing weights of up to 36 stone to be carried from one floor to the other. A useful feature of the traction drive system is that the height to which the lift travels may be extended up to 3.6m.s.

Disabled stair lift – The side-hung model:

The side-hung disabled stair lift model is a brilliant solution if you have restricted space in your house, allowing rails to be installed at right angles, making it easy to get around windows and other obstructions. It has the same safety features and reliability as all our disabled stair lifts.

This particular disabled stair lift was developed to add flexibility to the disabled stair lift range and it has achieved exactly that. If your home is restricted or has many obstructions then the side-hung disabled stair lift is for you!

The disabled stair lift side-hung model also has the capacity to carry up to 36 stone, depending upon which drive system you opt to go for. If you do choose to go with the traction drive system you may extend the travel height of the lift to 3.6m.

Formed in 1992, Acorn Stairlifts is an international, privately owned company, whose headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in the heart of Yorkshire, in Northern England.

Acorn stair primarily manufacture their own straight and curved stairlifts. However they also buy, recondition and re-sell pre-owned stair lifts. Acorn Stair lifts have designed and manufactured a bespoke all-new stairlift the Acorn Superglide Stairlift. This Acorn Stairlift is a market leader and is at the forefront of stairlift technology with all of the outdated stair lift features removed.

Acorn Stairlifts is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of stairlifts worldwide, with offices in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Germany. Acorn Stair lifts currently manufactures in excess of 50,000 new units per annum and has thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, including all of ours at UK Stairlifts.

The core business of Acorn Stairlifts is the manufacture and supply of Acorn Stair lifts. Acorn Stair lifts can help you and your family have full use of the home you love.

An Acorn Stairlifts surveyor can call at any time, and agree an installation date to suit you.

Acorn stairlifts offer:

  • Next day installation available
  • Local service and support
  • Free no obligation survey and quote from a member of Acorn Stairlifts experienced team
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Nationwide service, within 24 hours
  • In some cases, Acorn Stairlifts can be installed in less than one hour